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John Brick, PHD, has specialized in alcohol and drug studies for more than thirty years, and is an internationally recognized expert on the interactions between pharmacology, physiology and behavior. As Executive Director of Intoxikon International, Dr. Brick is responsible for the development of training programs and the contents of all educational materials.

Dr. Brick began his research career in alcohol and psychopharmacology in the Department of Physiological Psychology, Rockefeller University in New York. His first peer-reviewed research paper was published before entering graduate school. As a graduate of the joint-degree program in Psychobiology, he completed his Masters degree (MA) in psychology and his Doctorate (PHD) in biological psychology at Binghamton University, The State University of New York.

Dr. Brick's research career and teaching focuses on the relationship between neuropharmacology, physiology and behavior. Due to his multi-disciplinary training and expertise, Dr. Brick has worked as an expert consultant in both clinical behavioral sciences and the biological neurosciences to numerous federal agencies, including the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA); the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA); and the Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). He held the position of Medical Advisor to New Jersey Association of Accident Reconstructionists for fourteen years and an appointment as a Biological Psychologist and Psychopharmacology Consultant with the Rockland County Medical Examiner’s Office since 2004. He has been in private practice in forensic psychopharmacology for more than twenty-five years and is the author of over 100 scientific publications on the biobehavioral effects of alcohol and other drugs. Among these, he is co-author of the President’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws (The White House) and several chapters published in encyclopedias. Dr. Brick’s best-selling textbook Drugs, The Brain and Behavior: The Pharmacology of Abuse and Dependence and Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse are published by Haworth Medical Press. The Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse is now in its second edition (Taylor & Francis Group) and greatly expanded. Drugs, The Brain and Behavior: The Pharmacology of Drug Use Disorders, also in its second edition, is now published by Routledge publishing company.

On the international landscape, Dr. Brick co-organized and chaired the First International Symposium on Alcohol and Stress (1983). In 1990, he was one of only six American scientists invited to visit and deliver an address to the Russian National Academy of Medicine on the occasion of their Centenary Anniversary. Dr. Brick was the only American scientist working in the field of alcohol studies to receive this distinct honor. In 1992, he co-organized and chaired the International Conference on Alcohol and Aggression and in the fall of 2002, Dr. Brick was selected to be a member the World Health Organization’s first medical education initiative to provide addiction training to physicians in China (Beijing Medical University).

Dr. Brick worked for Rutgers – the State University of New Jersey for twenty-seven years (1980-2007). During that time, he was a member of the research faculty at the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies for thirteen years, as well as a member of the graduate faculty; Chief of Research at the Center of Alcohol Studies, Education and Training Division; Associate Director of the Rutgers University Advanced School of Alcohol and Drug Studies; Associate Director of the Rutgers School of Alcohol Studies, the oldest and most well known international alcohol studies training institute in the world; and Chairman of the graduate programs for both the Biology of Alcohol and Foundations in Alcohol Studies at the Center of Alcohol Studies. Dr. Brick taught courses in Neuropharmacology at Rutgers University, and elsewhere, for more than twenty years, and worked as a Forensic Alcohol/Drug Consultant to the Rutgers University and to the Rutgers Police Department for fifteen years (1992-2007) providing education, training and forensic support to the university on issues related to alcohol and drug abuse. Dr. Brick was twice promoted to Fellow by the American Psychological Association; first in 1991 (1-Psychology) then again in 2007 (28-Psychopharmacology). Fellow status in Psychopharmacology is only awarded in recognition of work that has had a national impact in the field. Publications, teaching, etc., are not sufficient qualifications for this distinguished honor.

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