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The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) was founded by and exists for the benefit of the traffic accident investigation and reconstruction community, as represented by the membership of the participating professional organizations. The Commission has not been obligated to nor controlled by any governmental body or agency. Minimum standards have been designed to advance the recognition of the ACTAR accreditation program, and in doing so, to encourage the integrity, consistency and professionalism of those involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, to promote the professional and intellectual development of those individuals, organizations and institutions involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, to assist the legal and scientific community in weighing the suitability of individuals offering their services as Accident Reconstructionists and to improve public awareness of the profession as it relates to the legal system.

As one of the participating professional organizations, NJAAR hosts one ACTAR test annually. David Benn is the current ACTAR representative for NJAAR and he can be contacted at with any questions or comments concerning the ACTAR organization or accreditation program.

To learn more about ACTAR, please click HERE to go directly to the ACTAR website.

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